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We can get your team connected — in the office and out in the field.

Why People Choose Us

YellowFiber is the best kept secret in the DC tech community.

100% Uptime

We offer a 100% level of service guarantee with every connection we sell and we’ll even provide a speed test. Our reliability and performance will spoil you.

Better support

Our technical support is better for one very simple reason. We only hire highly qualified engineers on our team and we guarantee you’ll get a response within 24 hours.

Our Lightning-Fast Network

The YellowFiber network was architected for speed and maximum reliability. We aren’t the biggest provider, but we sure are one of the most reliable.

Connectivity Beyond the Office Door

While reliable connectivity is crucial, performance is also critical. It also means making important data available to your employees. Maintaining high-speed Internet connectivity capable of supporting your most bandwidth-intensive applications consistently is something YellowFiber excels at. And, we put the controls in your hands by offering you network management information through out always-on, easy-to-use portal.

SMARTER mobility

Smarter. Faster. More affordable.

Learn your options

As a managed services provider, we are well positioned to advise you on the best technologies to address your particular business needs. We are engineering and solutions focused — not set on selling one particular product or service.

Excellent pricing

Give us a call. You will be surprised by how aggressive we can be on price — especially if you are also procuring direct fiber internet services.

Still not convinced?  We also provide

YellowFiber 4G LTE network operates in the 700 MHz spectrum, which has superior propagation than higher frequency wireless deployments from other carriers, ensuring a consistent high-quality experience for YellowFiber 4G LTE subscribers and connected devices.

One Size Never Fits All

A managed services provider has to earn your trust. We have 10 years experience in providing managed services in the greater DC region, with a particular reputation for managing networks and offering advisory services. We listen to your needs rather than try to sell you a cookie cutter support “package.”

4G LTE Technology

Reliable Coverage

YellowFiber 4G LTE network operates in the 700 MHz spectrum, which has superior propagation than higher frequency wireless deployments from other carriers, ensuring a consistent high-quality experience for Verizon 4G LTE subscribers and connected devices.

Higher Data Rates and Lower Latency

LTE supports lower latency and faster download and upload rates than existing 3G technology. This enables people and machines to communicate in new and innovative ways, whenever and wherever they may be. The improved response time supports real-time applications and contributes to a better user experience overall.

Strong Security

LTE provides security through strong mutual authentication, user identity confidentiality, integrity protection, and optional multilevel bearer data encryption—along with other security enhancements.

Better Multipath Mobility

Improving multipath delay spread, or the time it takes for information to travel from one device to the next, is a major benefit of LTE. LTE gives users better coverage, plus the ability to send and receive larger files faster

Greater Simultaneous User Support

Unlike 3G, which is limited to servicing one user in any given time slot, LTE can service up to 50, providing a better always-on experience and enabling proliferation of embedded wireless applications and systems.

Wireless Backup

What is Your Plan B?

Network outages on average cost $5,600 per minute, $300k per hour.

  • Almost 60 percent of network failures are caused by human error
  • Natural disasters and utility failures account for 3 percent of interruptions
  • Hardware failures account for less than 10 percent of all network failures
  • Systems errors account for less than 8 percent of failures;
  • Application errors, 19 percent

Do you rely heavily on its primary internet access?

Is your secondary connection also wired? What would happen if both the primary and secondary connections were impacted?

Provides the necessary diversity to keep businesses up and running. Routers with Auto-Failover features keep your data moving during a wireline outage.

Wireless Backup / Rapid Deployment

GOAL : Reduce lead time to deliver data service.
Ethernet deployments range from 5 to 50 business days. Solution provides user access to the internet and expedites billing, utilizing the reliability of Verizon’s wireless network.

SOLUTION : Utilize a 4G wireless router connected to public internet

  • Short Term – Interim period primary access until wireline circuit is being built
    • Provides internet access in 2-3 days
  • Long Term – 4G wireless router become full term backup solution after wireline is installed
    • Low cost solution provides immediate failover access in the event of wireline failure.
    • Static IPs also available for OOB access or remote management.

VALUE : Improved customer experience

  • Reduces the impact of unforeseen delays
  • Increased sales order success rate
  • Position a complimentary service/product (wireless backup)
  • Lower cost point

Mobile Private Network

Control Network Access

With Mobile Private Network, you control

  • Which devices can access your network.
  •  Management of up to 5 IP Pools across your connection.
  • What resources and applications those devices can connect to.
Private IP Wireless Access

Private IP combines with segregated 4G LTE or 3G EVDO for secure, reliable, high-speed, wireless business connectivity.

  • Private connection between the wireless device and the enterprise network
  • Wireless traffic under control of enterprise for privacy and usage control
  • Dynamic mobile network routing seamlessly integrates the enterprise LAN over the wireless connection

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