Software-defined wide area networks: a novel approach to networking multiple sites


Software-defined wide area networks: a novel approach to networking multiple sites

YellowFiber + VeloCloud

The YellowFiber network was engineered to deliver the best speeds and lowest latency possible. We’ve incorporated SD-WAN Gateways and  Orchestrator into our POPS, therefore, YellowFiber manages and maintains to complete solution end-to-end. Additionally, our presence in proximate data centers offers you tremendous flexibility in adapting your WAN and cloud footprints for years to come. Moreover, we can provide dedicated fiber connections and and layer additional services that will mesh seamlessly with your SD-WAN traffic. Finally, as an ISP, we have outstanding local engineering and support teams who provide network and security assessments, technical support, and integration.

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YellowFiber is different kind of internet provider. We’re local to DC, but we have a national footprint. We have built out and operate our own network, and we just get it.

We offer a super-fast, low-latency, no-downtime network experience. For 11 years now, we have provided telecommunications, broadband, colocation, hosting and managed services to the top think-tanks, healthcare systems, universities and tech firms in the Washington D.C. area.

Internet isn’t all we do. We’re also highly competent network security consultants, VOIP providers and offer a full panoply of managed service expertise.

SD-WAN Offers Incredible Flexibility

By using a software and cloud-based approach to networking your office locations, not only can you simplify your network operations — but you can see significant cost savings, because each networked site need only deploy an internet connection. At the same time, you still enjoy the security advantages of more traditional solutions. If rapid expansion is on your organization’s radar, you owe it to yourself to price out this approach.

Solutions Overview of YellowFiber's Cloud-delivered SD-WAN

  • YellowFiber SD-WAN offers policy-based network-wide application performance, visibility, and control
  • Dramatically simplifies the WAN by delivering virtualized services from the cloud to branch offices 
  • Edge devices aggregate multiple circuit links including DIA, Cable, DSL, 4G-LTE
  • The Edge with Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization (DMPO) and deep application recognition aggregates multiple dedicated circuits and broadband links (e.g., Cable, DSL, 4G-LTE) and steers traffic directly to other on-premise Edges in branch offices, private data centers, campuses, and headquarters                                                                                                      
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4 Key Signature Components of the SD-WAN Solution

  • First, the Edge Device that is a Customer premises equipment (CPE). This transport overlay can work across ANY combination of circuits that an enterprise deploys
  • Second, the Gateway integrates into YellowFiber’s services into our network. The Gateway and Edge communicate with each other to provide all the capabilities
  • Third, an orchestration layer covering both monitoring and configuration, as well as offload of the control plane, known as an Orchestrator
  • Finally, the complete end-to-end management and maintenance of the solution from YellowFiber
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Faster network. Smarter Cloud.

Ease of Deployment

You can rapidly deploy WAN services to branch offices without having to physically send personnel on site.

cost savings

Internet connections are much cheaper to procure than MPLS circuits, and the SD-WAN can still deliver the benefits and security you need.

Still not convinced? 

Ease of management

The nature of the solution allows you to readily manage bandwidth. AND — for certain cloud applications, SD-WAN can actually deliver improved performance due to lower latency.


There are now several vendors who have rolled out viable SD-WAN solutions, and and most of these use a similar approach. WAN edge devices are deployed to branch offices. These are centrally managed, and the branch offices each make logical connections with the other WAN edge devices over the WAN. Each connection allows for a secure path.

The main thrust of the tech is that device-based Command Line Interface (CLI) configuration is dropped in favor of controllers that use graphical user interfaces (GLI). Basically, network traffic is managed centrally, and quality of service, application performance, security and use policy are defined at the network level. It’s actually very elegant and cool.

Is this going to be a big deal?
In a word — yes. Once you have played around with it and seen just how much time and effort it will save you, it is hard to go back. The cost savings — especially at an enterprise level — are just frosting on that cake. Industry analysts expect most mid-sized companies will have moved over to one SD-WAN solution or another by 2020. Aren’t these just physical devices that are automating the creation of virtual private networks in lieu of hardware firewalls?

Yes. From an academic perspective, the biggest players in networking (think Facebook big) are doing real innovation in software-defined WAN. If you’re curious about this, meet up with one of our engineers for a beer and nerd out. Seriously, we love to chat about this stuff even more than we like selling it.

SD-WAN is almost certainly worth considering
Our preferred solution leverages the Velocloud solution — which uses existing network connections, DIA or even basic (cheap) broadband — and lays a virtual private network across it. This can save you a bundle on your network services spend. All traffic is encrypted, and traffic stay secure on private/direct as well as public internet paths.

Additionally, network management becomes much less laborious. You have access to real-time performance and usage information. Optimizing performance is easy. Data, VOIP and video can all utilize the same backbone.

Scalability is another big advantage
Companies don’t stay the same size. You may consolidate or expand the number of branch offices you’re responsible for. SD-WAN is absolutely a godsend when growth and movement are uncertain. For one thing, as mentioned above, you can use any number of affordable (or Cadillac) transport methods or providers. If reliability and bandwidth needs are lower at a given location, use the money you’ll save on capital expenditures and direct fiber or a redundant connection elsewhere. There are fewer physical devices to spend money on for network monitoring, which is another point of cost savings. Moreover, as cloud processes become more and more important, the optimized network performance and versatility of the solution makes a lot of sense.

Plus, obviously, the new sites can be brought on net much more rapidly. As long as there is some form of internet access is available, you can bring a site onto your network very rapidly, without waiting for a buildout.


Hybrid branch with Hosted VoIP

• Unreliable TDM circuit had packet loss and more than a day outage
• Broadband and 4G simultaneously had critical performance issues

YellowFiber delivered circuit/app-based performance

• Dynamically steered VoIP traffic from DIA to cable
• Removed client’s VPN to use SD-WAN IPSec over DIA
• On-demand mitigated Data traffic between all three connections

VeloCloud Enhanced Communications Image

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